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(04:24 PM)
Hey I'm on juno, and cooking pork chops, you must be getting half the message on text still, great tunes mate cheers Smiffy
(04:17 PM)
Shout out to Bill revising for maths exam good luck you can do it ��
Simon tnt
(04:09 PM)
(03:08 PM)
love the Hot 8s version of this!
Katy Matey
(02:02 PM)
Trying to work from home today but instead my chair is kicked back and im dancing around the living room like a mentalist…..ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE TUNES!!!
(01:57 PM)
Yo ho ho from Brum. Tell Wayne and Adam to pull they're fingers out and get that wall stripped.
Ollie & Jen
(12:11 PM)
We back again, good afternoooooon
Natasha D
(11:59 AM)
Can't wait xxx
Sami Kubu
(11:51 AM)
Really enjoyed your show dude :)
Natasha D
(11:37 AM)
The Davidsons thank you ��. Can't wait to meet you xxx
(11:13 AM)
Shout out to the wood dwelling terrapin!!
Sami Kubu
(11:03 AM)
Can i get a shout out for Nightshift down at the Tempest Inn on saturday? Free party from 4pm – 4am! House & Techno vibes :)
Simon tnt
(10:48 AM)
Morning me old mukka me locked on
Lisa and kelly
(10:29 AM)
Wat did u just say we missed it
Lisa and kelly
(10:27 AM)
Tu for shout out
Lisa and kelly
(10:26 AM)
Say hi to Lisa and kelly plz driving on the coast road enjoying this glorious sunshine
Kelly dutton
(10:26 AM)
Wednesday mornings my fav roof down with Lisa in the car love love love this show x
Sami Kubu
(10:05 AM)
Perfect vibes for today. Getting me through work nicely
Natasha D
(09:59 AM)
Natasha D
(09:50 AM)
:-) :-) Lovin it..Thank you xxx
James Franey
(09:47 AM)
Morning Questy. This is Brussels calling. Big up to Salty Aka The MadDog. Go on saaaaan
(09:45 AM)
(09:45 AM)
What a mix
(09:44 AM)
Big tunes geez
(09:44 AM)
Sami Kubu
(09:41 AM)
What a tune
Sami Kubu
(09:37 AM)
Loving the tunes Q!
Natasha D
(09:21 AM)
Big Love back…Sounds like I'm there by the way you're playing….Bangin!!xxxx
Natasha D
(09:17 AM)
Yeah Boi…Thank you Babe…locked in for sure!! xxxxxx
Mandy & Zak
(09:14 AM)
Heyyyyyyy Questyyyyy shout out to Sussex county hospital , have a lovely day!!!!

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