12.00pmThe Saturday Social w/ Lee Garrett
Lee Garrett
2.00pmThe Bass Time Continuum
Zero One Breaker


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  • Basschimp | 10:13how do chief
  • smiley chris | 10:10Greets from bulgaria gareth
  • Basschimp | 10:04morning codesouth!
  • TrickyOne | 8:41Great chewns as always! Locked on in sunny southwick!!
  • derfy | 23:46hear ya load and clear roll it out shout out to the white hawk massive
  • Danny C (studio) | 23:33Testing testing...
  • Danny C | 23:33Yo Yo Yo
  • derfy | 22:30who is in da mix me likey likey
  • derfy | 22:17circles big up my selecta
  • Danny c | 21:14Ah knew I had it in my collection somewhere ????????
  • Danny c | 21:13Is this the daloops remix Or freejak ?
  • derfy | 21:12chooooooooooon big up gorgan city
  • derfy | 21:07biiiiiiiig session
  • Danny c | 21:04Big up man newbie to the station up at 12 ????
  • Danny c | 21:00Ello peeps ????
  • Pickles | 20:58House Sounds of Chicago, Steve Silk Hurley, Jack the Groove etc. :-)
  • MadGerald | 20:55hey Pickles :) late 80's was awesome mate I was there too .... Sterns! *yum*
  • Pickles | 20:53Thank you
  • Pickles | 20:49Love it mate.....crack on!!!! :-)))))
  • Pickles | 20:47Nice modern cut on the House that I started with back in the late 80's..showing my age :-( but big up to Code South for my enjoyment
  • derfy | 20:43big up rolling it out keeping mans alive on the graveyard shift
  • MadGerald | 20:27locked in playing Wii trivial pursuit hahaha with the missus (she's cheating) and a bottle of jack warming up for the town :)
  • New York Loft Party | 19:20Good bye everyone! The House Session boys will be taking you up to 10pm!
  • big daddio | 19:17Gotta lock out guys, thanks for the entertainment over the last hour or so
  • New York Loft Party | 19:13Glad you enjoyed the tunes Toronto_ADE!
  • Toronto_ADE | 18:56Oh YES
  • Toronto_ADE | 18:44Toronto locked, warming up for a few days in Manhattan… nice tunes!
  • big daddio | 18:43I,m still here!
  • big daddio | 18:10Dinner simmering, glass in hand, enjoying the tunes
  • rick9 | 17:08Doing a sturdy job Sonnessa ;0
  • rick9 | 16:57workin like a slave, but u keeping me on it, going home soon. Brighton's plug me
  • rick9 | 16:44nice tunes, worming me up for friday. o yea
  • robbomarley | 16:18I bet it was an all lol
  • SLD | 16:14and mike
  • SLD | 16:14thanks. im not gonna lie it was a battle against...myself
  • robbomarley | 16:12Haha nice one the only way. Great show nice tunes sld
  • SLD | 16:09and the saga continues
  • SLD | 16:08yeah im drunk all over again
  • robbomarley | 16:06Big up scotty ! U got over ya hangover yet lol
  • TrickyOne | 16:03FFIF! Tewnage as per..locked on!
  • robbomarley | 15:54Im tuned in on the fm to big ups
  • Sonnessa | 15:53YO YO YO!!!
  • robbomarley | 15:49Bouncing along nicely
  • robbomarley | 15:45Big up skinny d nice tunes
  • thewisepranker | 15:44Any chance of an ID please?
  • thewisepranker | 15:44Ah love that oldskool sound
  • sonny j | 15:32Happy house Friday's baby :)
  • thewisepranker | 15:23Tasty first track
  • thewisepranker | 15:13Now there's nobody to control him in the studio he'll probably be talking Russian by 4